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The Puzzles of Amish Life

The Puzzles of Amish Life

People's Place Book No. 10

     A leading expert on the Amish, who is also a sociologist, examines the Amish way of life and provides a way to understand their intentional way of living in a world far different from their own.

     Revised edition! People's Place Book #10. A sociologist provides a way to understand the Amish people's intentional way of living in a world far different from their own. Fun to read.

How do the Amish thrive in the midst of modern life?
Why do the Amish separate themselves from the modern world?
Why do a religious people spurn religious symbols and church buildings?
Why is humility a cherished value?
Why do a gentle people shun disobedient members?
How do the Amish regulate social change?
Why is ownership of cars objectionable, but not their use?
Why are some modes of transportation acceptable and other forbidden?
Why are tractors permitted around barns but not in fields?
Why are horses used to pull modern farm machinery?
Why are telephones banned from Amish homes?
Why are some forms of electricity acceptable while others are rejected?
How is modern machinery operated without electricity?
Why are some occupations acceptable and others taboo?
Why do the Amish use the services of professionals -- lawyers, doctors, and dentists -- but oppose higher education?
Why do Amish youth rebel in their teenage years?
Are the Amish freeloading on American life?
Are the Amish behind or ahead of the modern world?
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  • Skyhorse Publishing | 
  • 126 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781561480012 | 
  • December 1998
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