The Second Wives' Club

Secrets for Becoming Lovers for Life

The Second Wives' Club

Are you or someone you know a second wife? Are you tired of arguing about your husband’s first marriage? The Second Wives’ Club is the book you’ve been waiting for. Join the Club and learn the six secrets of successful second marriages. Learn how you can have wedded bliss while avoiding the pitfalls that second marriages bring. Don’t be put off by his ex-wife. Help him get rid of his old “baggage” and make space in your relationship to be lovers for life.
  • Atria Books/Beyond Words | 
  • 176 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781582700144 | 
  • October 1999

About the Authors

Lonore Millian
Photograph by Brignolo Studio
Stephen Millian
Photograph by Brignolo Studio