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The Splendid Chinese Garden

The Splendid Chinese Garden

Origins, Aesthetics and Architecture

The Splendid Chinese Garden is an illustrated compendium on the classic gardens of China. It explains the history of the garden, the traditions and beliefs they represent, their aesthetic and the techniques used to create them. Also included are chapters that survey the great gardens of China, the gardens tourists love to visit and gardeners dream of seeing and exploring.

The Splendid Chinese Garden includes:

Chinese Gardens in the South of the Yangtze River:
Ge Garden (Yangzhou)
He Yuan, also known as Jixiao Shan Zhuang (Yangzhou)
Zhan Garden (Nanjing)
Jichang Garden (Wuxi)
Humble Administrator's Garden (Suzhou)
Lingering Garden (Suzhou)
Master of the Nets Garden (Suzhou)
Lion Grove Garden (Suzhou)

Chinese Gardens in the North of the Yangtze River:
Yihe Garden or the Summer Palace (Beijing)
Beihai Park (Beijing)
Jingyi Garden in Xiangshan Mountain (Beijing)
Imperial Garden, Palace Museum (Beijing)
The Back Garden of the Prince Gong Mansion (Beijing)
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  • Shanghai Press, Better Link Press | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781602200104 | 
  • September 2012
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