The Sword Polisher's Record

The Way of Kung-Fu

The Sword Polisher's Record

While words and theory are not a substitute for the physical and mental training required to polish one's kung-fu, they are an essential part of the learning process, allowing the mind to process commands and concepts that help the body move in a special, kung-fu way.

The meaning of words, however, can be bent and distorted to have a detrimental effect on kung-fu. In fact, today kung fu is like a sword of incomparable value that has lost its shine and sharpness because of the many misconceptions spawned from the words and images in books and movies and the errant teachings of unqualified instructors.

The Sword Polisher's Record, originally a monthly column that appeared for more than a decade in three magazines, including Kungfu magazine and Black Belt magazine, became a way of polishing the kung-fu sword, clearing up the misconceptions that are causing it to become dull and rusty.

Highlighted with over 60 illustrations, The Sword Polisher's Record: The Way of Kung-Fu, an anthology of the monthly column, is organized into eight inter-connected sections, each examining a different aspect of kung-fu including its foundations, theories, important concepts and principles related to kung-fu styles and forms, usage, and training, and discussions on the future of kung-fu and it's place in our lives.
  • Tuttle Publishing | 
  • 208 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780804831383 | 
  • April 1998

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