The Total Bowhunting Manual

The Total Bowhunting Manual

From Field & Stream magazine’s bow-hunting experts and the authors of the Total Deer Hunter Manual, this book demystifies everything the modern bow-hunter needs to know. Covering everything from crossbows to high-tech compound bows to the old-fashioned stick-and-string, and techniques for every animal that can be bow hunted from whitetails to turkeys to fish, this is the one book every hunter needs.

Whether you spend all year preparing for months of spotting and stalking whitetail you’re your compound bow, are preparing for a dream to Alaska to bow-hunt bear and caribou, or just want to extend your season and mix it up a bit with crossbow trips, this is the book you need. Hundreds of field-tested tips from Field & Stream’s bow-hunting experts cover tips and tricks from America’s best hunting guides and their own decades of experience, including:

SHOOT BETTER With detailed exercises and advice for every kind of bow, this book takes you out on the archery range, into the woods, and onto the water with specialized drills and exercises.
GET THE GEAR Bow-hunting is a gear-heavy sport, and improvements are being made almost every day. Whether you want to hunt like Robin Hood with historic gear, or take to the trees with a high-tech carbon-fiber compound bow with all the accessories, these authors tell you what you need.
BRING HOME A TROPHY When people think “bow hunting” they think of deer but, in fact, any animal that you can hunt can be hunted with a bow, including alligators, moose, birds, and even fish. Expert strategies show how to go home with a trophy, not a lame excuse.
  • Weldon Owen | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781616287290 | 
  • September 2015

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