Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch

Whether it be to relieve a headache, calm a muscle spasm, soothe a crying baby, or alleviate your own abdominal cramps. The Therapeutic Touch shows you how you can use your hands to help or to heal someone who is sick.
By explaining what happens during the four different stages of therapeutic touching. Dr. Krieger shows you how to detect when a person is sick, pinpoint where the pain is, and stimulate the recuperative powers of the sick person. With accurate descriptions of the changes that take place in body temperature, levels of consciousness, and physiology during this intense interaction, this book helps you interpret your healing experience and get the most meaning from it.
The Therapeutic Touch recaptures a simple, ancient mode of healing and shows how you can now become on integral part of your own or someone else's healing process.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 180 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671765378 | 
  • May 1979
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Chapter 1


There are moments powerfully laden with thought which compress time a hundredfold. Such compression can happen with a glimpse of a most inconsequential gesture, as it did to me one midsummer morning quite recently. The gesture caught my eye as I leaned against a tree while surveying seven former students, each of whom was teaching a small cluster of workshop participants how to do Therapeutic Touch, a method (derived from the laying-on of hands) of using the hands to direct human energies to help or heal someone who is ill. At that particular moment each of the teachers was using her hands in an attempt... see more

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