Thief of Revelations / Hunters Moon

Thief of Revelations / Hunters Moon

(Part of Horus Heresy)
Two audio dramas from the million selling Horus Heresy series.

The Thousand Sons and the Space Wolves - two Legions whose destinies were irrevocably entwined at Prospero, and yet who now dance separately to fate's tune. As sanctioned executioners, the Wolves of Fenris were meant to root out treachery at the heart of the Legions...but would they be capable of carrying out a death sentence upon one of the Emperor's own sons? Meanwhile, Ahzek Ahriman and Magnus the Red cast their sight over the galaxy, seeking any clue as to what the future might hold.
  • Black Library | 
  • 1 disks | 
  • ISBN 9781849706315 | 
  • June 2014

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