The Third Miracle

The Third Miracle

A Novel

An enchanting tale of faith, love, and miracles
Do miracles occur? That is what smart, handsome Father Frank Moore must determine. When a young girl in Queens is inexplicably cured of a deadly disease and a statue of the Virgin Mary is seen crying tears of blood, Father Moore is sent to investigate. Could the events have been God's grace at work, as the local pastor believes, because a woman who had lived in their midst is a saint?
As the church inquires into Helen Stephenson's sainthood, Father Moore grapples with his own loss of faith. And when his work leads him to Roxanna Stephenson, Helen's lovely and bitter daughter, Father Moore finds himself facing his most difficult challenge of all.
The Third Miracle is the captivating story of a man's search for faith, a woman's journey toward love's renewal, and the mysterious workings of the Catholic church.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780684847429 | 
  • June 1998
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Chapter 1
October 1995
A dark-haired man in jeans, black sweatshirt and dark blue windbreaker emerged from the crowd at the pulsating corner of Union Street and Northern Boulevard. Making his way past the mixture of Korean, Chinese, and English neon signs which lit that dense corner of the world at Main Street, Flushing, in the Borough of Queens, he seemed oblivious to everything around him.
The early October breeze of twilight was cooler than normal and the man, his large brown eyes ablaze with some inner passion, seemed oblivious to it all. He had a mass of thick black hair and a handsome face that was half hidden by a thick... see more

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