The Thirteenth Bullet

The Thirteenth Bullet

(Book #1 of Texas Ranger)
Celtic Revenge
Young Irishman Time Carlow couldn't be more proud to be a Texas Ranger, riding with his uncle Kileen, a former bare-knuckle boxer. After Kileen, Carlow, and his best friend break up a vicious Texas gang, they bring their captives to the town where Carlow grew up. But hatred of the Irish runs deep, and the town's mayor and sheriff betray them. The outlaws escape, wounding Carlow and killing his lifelong friend.
Carlow is devastated, for he had sworn an ancient Irish blood-oath with the dead man -- symbolized by the stones they always carried. Consumed by vengeance, Carlow rides off in a fury, throwing away both the stones and his Ranger's star. Returning to the hometown that had always resented him -- and ultimately betrayed him -- he is out for blood. And even his icy cool demeanor cannot quench his burning desire for revenge....
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  • 320 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743480352 | 
  • February 2004
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Chapter 1

"Two shadows be movin' on the roof. Across the street. The fine store that be Doc Williams's." Texas Ranger "Old Thunder" Kileen growled the alert without looking away from the shuttered window in the small Bennett jail. "Unless it be the wee people comin' to call, I'd say we got us some Silver Mallow boys."

The huge lawman could only see through a narrow crack, but it was enough. His nephew, Texas Ranger Time Carlow, looked up from the desk where he was shoving new cartridges into the sawed-off Winchester carbine he carried like a handgun.

"You stay here, Thunder, and cover me. I'll go get them." Carlow stood and... see more

About the Author

Cotton Smith
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Cotton Smith

Cotton Smith has been a writer all his life. His unforgettable Western novels include Spirit Rider, Brothers of the Gun, and Behold a Red Horse. He is also a Western historian, artist, horseman, and a featured author in Westward, an anthology commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Western Writers of America.




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