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Thriving After Divorce

Thriving After Divorce

Transforming Your Life When a Relationship Ends

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The end of a significant relationship initiates painful and powerful change in one's life, daily habits, and even in one's personal identity. In Thriving After Divorce, author and relationship coach Tonja Evetts Weimer offers readers a grounded approach to growing through the difficult life transitions that arise from the breaking of our most defining partnerships. Weimer's book will guide readers through a potentially tumultuous time to a safe place by showing how to put one's actions in alignment with one's needs and values for positive outcomes that will strengthen and prepare the heart for a new path.
The key is in learning how to create an authentic new life, and therefore, a different relationship with the partner in the absence of shared romantic love. This relationship allows the possibility of any continuing combined goals, while building and sustaining necessary boundaries and guidelines for new interactions. Weimer shows readers how to deal with shared responsibilities involving children, mutual business interests, the care of family members, and other situations that require both parties to work together in the new space of the relationship. Thriving After Divorce speaks to anyone who has gone through a breakup, providing hope, alternatives, empowerment, and inspiration to find a new way to relate to former situations and relationships that, in the past, could have been fractious.
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  • Atria Books/Beyond Words | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781582702483 | 
  • March 2010
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Author Revealed

Q. how did you come to write Thriving After Divorce?

A. From working with people coming out of relationships that did not last, I found that over and over, they needed different tools for coping, growing, and eventually--thriving.  Just as we want to travel through our lives with greater depth, approaching our challenges creatively, transforming in a positive way from our unique experiences... that is also how we want to embrace divorce or breakups.

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