Through Time Into Healing

Through Time Into Healing

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The book that sheds new light on reincarnation and the extraordinary healing potential of past life and hypnotic regression therapy, from the bestselling author of Many Lives, Many Masters.

Brian Weiss made headlines with his groundbreaking research on past life therapy in Many Lives, Many Masters. Now, based on his extensive clinical experience, he builds on time-tested techniques of psychotherapy, revealing how regression to past lifetimes provides the necessary breakthrough to healing mind, body, and soul. Using vivid past life case studies, Dr. Weiss shows how regression therapy can heal grief, create more loving relationships, uncover hidden talents, and ultimately shows how near death and out of body experiences help confirm the existence of past lives. Dr. Weiss includes his own professional hypnosis, dream recall, meditation, and journaling techniques for safe past life recall at home.

Compelling and provocative, Through Time Into Healing shows us how to help ourselves lead healthy, productive lives, secure in the knowledge that death is not the final word and that the doorways to healing and wholeness are inside us.
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  • 208 pages | 
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  • May 2012
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Chapter 1

The Beginning

For those of you who have not read my book, Many Lives, Many Masters, a few words of introduction are necessary. You need to know something about me before we begin the work of healing.

Until my incredible experiences with Catherine, the patient whose therapy is described in the book, my professional life had been unidirectional and highly academic. I was graduated magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from Columbia University and received my medical degree from the Yale University School of Medicine, where I was also chief resident in psychiatry. I have been a professor at several... see more

About the Author

Brian L. Weiss
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Brian L. Weiss

Brian L. Weiss, MD, a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School, is Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. Dr. Weiss is the author of many books, including the bestselling Many Lives, Many Masters and Through Time into Healing. In addition, he conducts national and international seminars and experiential workshops as well as training programs for professionals. He maintains a private practice in Miami.




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