Angelica Skyler certainly wasn't a perfect mother to fourteen-year-old Thumbelina, but when she is found dead in the local duck pond, Thumbelina yearns to have her back. Six feet tall with thick glasses covering a face she doesn't even know is pretty, Thumbelina is now alone with a few Johnny Cash tapes, a guitar that belonged to the musician father she never knew, and a spirit almost as large as the odds against her.
Quickly placed with a foster family, Thumbelina bumps straight into Myrna, a feisty redhead half her size and with a baby in her stomach. Also fourteen years old and as savvy as they come, Myrna has no trouble discerning that her secretive new roommate is pregnant, too. With little money but lots of charm, the unlikely pair strike out on their own, only to run into more serious trouble and heartache than they could have ever imagined.
Laughs mingle with tears throughout this bittersweet, unforgettable story of a young girl embracing hope in the face of tragedy. Immensely talented first-time novelist Andrea Koenig has created a character whose distinctive and instantly lovable voice will hook readers from the very first page -- and won't let go until the last.
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  • 288 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780684850078 | 
  • March 2000
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Chapter One: August

My mom always said not to tell personal information to strangers. So I'll fix it so I'm not a stranger.

My name is Thumbelina. I am fourteen years old. I used to live across the street from Bean Park on the second floor of those dirty yellow apartment buildings in Tacoma, the state of Washington. We were the orange curtains right above the American flag.

I am pretty normal lookin. I got eyes the color of my mom's turquoise ring that Lester got her from the mall for their anniversary. Anniversary of what's a good question because them two never did get married. I got a big old head that's too far from my... see more

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