The Tiger's Mistress

The Tiger's Mistress

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When her beloved father mysteriously disappears, Portia Hadley is determined to discover why...even if it means charging straight into the arms of the Earl of Branford. Known as the "Black Cat" when he was a spy for England, Branford is no stranger to secret missions or mysterious ladies. Branford senses that Portia is not as innocent as her jade-green eyes suggest and a game of cat and mouse begins. Little does Portia know that Branford has his own secret agenda -- one that could ignite a sparking passion...and a deadly danger.
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  • Pocket Books | 
  • 480 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743488655 | 
  • August 2003
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Chapter One


The thin shaft of metal caught on the tumbler but the lock did not open. Shifting slightly, the cloaked figure crouched beside the desk flexed a gloved hand and tried again.

Snick. Snick. Still no luck.

"Oh, bloody hell." The oath was no louder than the faint whisper of the damask draperies framing the open window.

"Well, what did you expect?"

The fingers froze and the figure whipped around, revealing a masked face.

"You are going about it all wrong."

Black silk stretched from the intruder's hood to below the nose, with two holes cut out for the eyes. The... see more

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