Time, Rites and Festivals in Bali

Time, Rites and Festivals in Bali

Illustrated by: I Gusti Nyoman Darta
The Gregorian, or Western, calendar is the most widely used and recognized calendar system in the world—but that doesn't mean it's the only one in use. The concept of time in Bali, and the inherent importance of rites and festivals on daily life, combined to create a calendar system that is bewilderingly complex but intriguing in its history.

For the first time, a book has been written which unravels the difficulty of the Balinese calendar system and makes it accessible to a general audience. Time, Rites and Festivals in Bali, written by two recognized specialists of the culture, is a two part exploration of a breathtaking calendar system—and includes 62 specially commissioned drawings and a selection of photographs of rites along with wooden and painted calendars from museums around the world.

From a lively introduction to the distinctly Balinese concepts of time, to an explanation of the two main calendars of Bali, to an in-depth discussion on the myth of Watugunung which is the basis for the origin of the main calendar system, Time, Rites and Festivals in Bali is a dynamic introduction to the spiritual and daily rituals that evolved at the core of this island nation.
  • BAB Publishing Indonesia | 
  • 244 pages | 
  • ISBN 9789798926303 | 
  • August 2014

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