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Too Good to be True

Too Good to be True

It was love at first flight.
Air traffic controller Carey Browne is seeing nothing but blue skies. She's leaving on a jet plane...for a much needed vacation! Destination: New York City. Travel time: Six hours. Seating arrangement: Next to a man who's much too attractive to be single. Not that Carey's looking. She's taking time off from dating, too. Most of the men she meets are a lot like airplane food: nicely packaged, well-preserved, and profoundly unsatisfying. When she begins chatting with Ben Russell, though, it's as if Carey has known him all her life. He's quick-witted, kind, and makes her laugh -- even at herself. Ha!

Then it was time for take-off.
One stopover later, Carey and Ben are married in Las Vegas, and their transatlantic announcement is causing sudden turbulence back home. How can two strangers claim to be each other's soul mate? Ben's sister is adamantly opposed to Carey; she thinks he's having a mid-life, no-wife crisis. As for Carey's folks, well, they know the marriage will never last. Right? Rumors are running amok, as are past lovers. Why is everyone trying to ground the newlyweds and convince them that they've made a huge mistake? And why is Carey starting to worry that maybe they're right?
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 416 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743470445 | 
  • December 2004
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Chapter One

Clary Sage

An essential oil with a warm, nutty scent, it has euphoric properties which promote a sense of well-being

When Carey Browne stepped out onto West 34th Street she stopped in surprise. Not that she should have been surprised, she said to Ben, who was standing beside her holding at least half-a-dozen Macy's bags thanks to her indulgence in a sudden frenzy of last-minute shopping; last night's report from the Weather Channel had shown a shocking weather system heading in from the Midwest and they'd said there was a likelihood of snow on the East Coast. It was just that despite the bitingly cold morning air... see more

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