Tribulations of the Shortcut Man

Tribulations of the Shortcut Man

A Novel

From a writer described as “a worthy successor to Raymond Chandler” (Michael Connelly), the follow-up to Shortcut Man, featuring Dick Henry in a rousing tale of sin and salvation in the City of Angels.

Dick Henry is the Shortcut Man, assisting people with their sticky situations in the belief that the shortest answer to many problems may not always be legal. In Tribulations of the Shortcut Man, he reluctantly provides assistance to an old girlfriend, pole dancer Pussy Grace.

After Pussy’s boyfriend, rich and famous developer and septuagenarian Art Lewis, has inexplicably cut off communication with her, Dick and Puss enter Lewis’s mansion disguised as gas company employees to investigate. Everything quickly goes downhill. Dick and Puss flee, leaving the very dead Art Lewis behind. Dick anticipates arrest until news breaks the next morning: Art Lewis has just gotten married and is now enjoying his honeymoon. Realizing a conspiracy is afoot, Dick must navigate his way through the underbelly of Los Angeles and a motley crew of miscreants in pursuit of justice.

“Filled with enough dark humor and shady characters to satisfy the most rabid noir fan” (Associated Press), p.g. sturges’s Shortcut Man series is hard-boiled crime at its best.
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  • Scribner | 
  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439194225 | 
  • February 2013
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White Fools with Dreadlocks

Loman London believed the labors of others should profit Loman London. I had been summoned to disabuse him, again, of this quaint notion.

A soft Los Angeles morning sun gentled my shoulders as I made a left turn in my ’69 Cadillac Coupe de Ville convertible from Ocean Avenue to Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Kiyoko was on my mind. My on-and-off girlfriend, Kiyoko was a Buddhist who hadn’t yet come to appreciate my line of work. Last night, to the accompaniment of Japanese imprecations, she’d thrown me out of her house. It didn’t help that I’d laughed... see more

About the Author

p.g. sturges
Photograph by Paul Lim

p.g. sturges

p.g. sturges was born in 1953 in Hollywood, California. Punctuated by fitful interludes of school, he has subsequently occupied himself as a submarine sailor, a dimensional metrologist, a Christmas tree farmer, an optical metrologist, a musician, a songwriter, an author, a playwright, and a screenwriter.




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