Turning the Tide

Real Hope, Real Change

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There is a wave sweeping our nation with dire consequences that is changing the way we live in America. Dr. Charles Stanley knows that the only way the tide will turn is if we as Christian citizens take action. Insisting that we are not powerless and that we can make a difference, Dr. Stanley encourages readers to get down on their knees to pray, then get up on their feet and become involved. We must take action to turn our country away from one that:

· Is headed for financial bankruptcy
· Views a sinless, peace-loving, benevolent Jesus as one to be vilified
· Is becoming more and more taxed, so that the government builds programs that benefit only those in leadership positions
· Is negligent in the handling of Israel, as well as unaware of the danger to any nation that challenges Israel’s God-mandated right to exist
· Has little regard for the innocent, especially the rights of the unborn, the elderly, and the handicapped

This call to action has never been more needed, and in this inspirational and motivating book, bestselling author Charles Stanley offers practical steps Christians can take to turn the tide. He challenges readers to pray that God will change the direction of our country from one that is blind to the negative impact of socialism to a nation that looks to God for guidance. It’s time, Stanley says, that we take responsibility for the direction of our country and become involved both at a civic level and through fervent prayer.
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TURNING THE TIDE by Dr. Charles Stanley

Charles Stanley shows readers that the only way the tide will turn in America is if we, as Christian citizens, take action.

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