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Twenty One Days to a Trained Dog

Twenty One Days to a Trained Dog

No one is more qualified to teach you how to train your dog than Dick Maller, president of the U.S. Professional Dog Trainers' Association and operator of the famous Maller School for Dogs, whose dogs have won over 100 awards and have appeared in movies and on television. Here is his easy-to-follow, effective, and above all, humane approach to training your puppy or full-grown dog in only 21 days. Using "operant conditioning" and "positive reinforcement" as the two basic training techniques, the author shows you:
* how to housebreak your puppy quickly and painlessly
* how to break your dog's bad habits (barking, chewing, chasing cars and bicycles, jumping up on visitors, howling when left alone)
* how to train your dog to follow simple commands (sit, heel, turn, stay, lie down and come)
* how to teach your dog to fetch, jump, catch, carry or retrieve an object.

The simple Maller method is your guide to raising a happy, obedient dog -- one who follows your orders not out of fear (as in traditional training methods), but out of delight in pleasing you -- every time.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 141 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671251932 | 
  • November 1979
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Chapter 1

The 21-Day Basic Obedience Course

The single most frequently asked question about dog training is "When can I start training him?" There's no dog too old to learn, for one answer, but that isn't what the question usually means. What people are asking is "How young can I start training him?"

There's no set answer to when a puppy can profitably begin obedience training. Certainly no dog is too young to learn things. Puppies start to learn about the world the moment they leave their mothers' wombs. But most trainers agree that the attention span of a young pup is just too short to allow for rigorous... see more

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