Ultimate Origami for Beginners Kit

Ultimate Origami for Beginners Kit

The Perfect Kit for Beginners - Everything You Need is in This Box! [62 Folding Papers, Full-Color Book & Instructional DVD]

Ultimate Origami for Beginners Kit is the perfect paper craft kit for you if you've always wanted to try origami. World-renowned origami designers and artists Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander have selected paper folding projects from several popular origami categories that include: Traditional and modern favorites—Multi-piece flowers, Paper airplanes, Cute cuddly animals and much more!

The kit containsA full-colored 62-page book with clear step-by-step instruction and diagramsA DVD with easy-to-follow video tutorials62 sheets of durable authentic origami folding papers, 2-sided and in 3 different sizes!

It seems that everywhere we look, people are folding paper origami. While previous generations may have made greeting cards with cranes folded from pretty scraps of paper, the art of origami has advanced to such a degree that we are now seeing it around the world. They grace retail store windows, as clever dollar bill folds displayed in restaurants and even on TV! This delightful array of projects and papers provided in Ultimate Origami for Beginners Kit are sure to get your feet wet, and your fingers folding!
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  • Tuttle Publishing | 
  • ISBN 9784805312674 | 
  • December 2014
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