Urban Survival Guide (Outdoor Life)

Urban Survival Guide (Outdoor Life)

Do you know what to do if someone tries to hijack your car? Break into your home? Assault you with a weapon? You’d better. Luckily, the Urban Survival Manual from Outdoor Life magazine will equip you to prevail over any bad guy and bad situation. From gun safety to self-defense moves, from automotive know-how to home-fire prevention, this tough guide has you covered.

This hands-on guide to making it out of modern conflicts is jam-packed with crucial survival tips and tricks for today’s urban life.
Readers will learn how to discern is someone is armed, throw a proper punch, foil a pickpocket, escape kidnappers, repel
modern-day pirates, prevail in a raging riot, shoot a gun correctly, and improvise weapons. This how-to manual also
includes informative, surprising statistics on likely crimes and dangerous situations, as well as first-hand, real-life accounts of
perilous scenarios and what you can learn from them. Throughout the book, lively photographs pique interest and helpful
illustrations guide readers to urban survivalist master status.
  • Weldon Owen | 
  • 96 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781616284589 | 
  • October 2012

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