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The Voice of Rolling Thunder

The Voice of Rolling Thunder

A Medicine Man's Wisdom for Walking the Red Road

Rolling Thunder’s life and wisdom in his own words and from interviews with those who knew him well

• Contains never-before-released talks by Rolling Thunder preserved by the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart as well as accounts of remarkable healings and weather magic from famous personalities who knew him

• Explains that in order to heal Nature’s afflictions we must first restore balance and unity in ourselves

Intertribal medicine man Rolling Thunder (1916-1997) was a healer, teacher, visionary, and activist who rose to popularity in the 1960s and ’70s through his friendship with artists such as Bob Dylan and as the inspiration for the Billy Jack films. Eyewitness accounts of his remarkable healings are legion, as are those of his ability to call forth the forces of nature, typically in the form of thunder clouds.

Yet it was his equally uncommon gift as a prophet and living representative of Native American wisdom that truly set him apart from other spiritual teachers of that era. Thirty years before most people had ever heard of global warming, Rolling Thunder described in graphic detail the signs of encroaching planetary doom and campaigned for environmental harmony. The key to healing nature’s afflictions, he maintained, is to first restore balance and unity in ourselves.

Containing never-before-released talks preserved by the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart, this book shares the teachings of Rolling Thunder in his own words and through inspiring interviews with psychologist Alberto Villoldo and other famous personalities who knew him. Collected and edited by his grandson Sidian Morning Star Jones and longtime friend Stanley Krippner, this book allows you to incorporate Rolling Thunder’s wisdom into your own life.
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  • 392 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781591431336 | 
  • September 2012
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Chapter 3
The Mist Wolf

Stephan A. Schwartz, a well-known writer and researcher, sent Stanley Krippner a detailed, eye-witness account of a healing session that Rolling Thunder had conducted. In Stephan Schwartz’s words:

It is 1968, and we are standing in a parking lot in gathering twilight. There are maybe twenty of us, including half a dozen physicians. Standing there, leaning in, we are watching a Shoshone shaman, Rolling Thunder, attempt to heal the wound of a teenage boy lying on a massage table. It is a painful wound, torn into the muscle of his leg, and the boy is clearly in discomfort and just as obviously... see more

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