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Warrior Lessons

Warrior Lessons

An Asian American Woman's Journey Into Power

Welcome to the world of the modern Asian American woman, where the willingness to cause "trouble" -- to stir the waters, think deeply, and go against what is expected -- is the first of many steps to self-discovery and power. Now, Phoebe Eng shatters stereotypes and offers a bold new vision for American-raised daughters like herself.
A second-generation eldest daughter, caught between cultures, codes of behavior, and colliding worlds, Eng had to learn that in order to be true to herself, conflict and tough choices were necessary. But with those, she found, came a wonderful payoff: the doors to opportunity flew open.
Serving as both guide and mentor, Eng addresses the range of issues Asian American women face, including:

  • How can we deal with family expectations?
  • What is "false power" and how do we recognize it in our lives?
  • Can we trust one another?
  • How do we build healthy relationships in the face of "geisha girl" stereotypes?
  • How can we find a sense of "home"?

Warrior Lessons signifies a generation and goes far beyond the limiting portrayal of what Eng calls "The Good Little Model Minority Girl." At last, here is a manual for today's woman warrior as she channels her rage and cultivates her power.
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  • Atria Books | 
  • 384 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671009588 | 
  • May 2000
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We know very well what it's like to live with family expectations breathing down our backs:

Get married! (and to the right man)

Have children! (meaning more than one)

Make money! (and lots of it)

Can't you be like ________? (Fill in the blank with the name of your nerd cousin, valedictorian friend, or other mother-appointed rival.)

When we don't live up to expectation, we don't need words to know. It's Asian mother telepathy. We can see it in their faces. The downcast eyes, the wistful, concerned look, the deep breath. No matter how much we try to ignore...
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