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When GOD Winks on Love

When GOD Winks on Love

Let the Power of Coincidence Lead You to Love

You are destined to have a soul mate. If you have faith in the outcome, the picture of love you have in your mind can be yours. So trust...and learn to read the godwinks.

Like a jigsaw puzzle in which you know that all the pieces will fit precisely together, the blueprint for your life was written with an exact-fitting piece just for you and your soul mate. Yes, within that jigsaw puzzle called "Your Life," there is a perfect love.

Sure, sometimes you feel as if all the pieces have been dumped out on the dining room table and there's no way to get them to fit together. We all do. That's why you must have confidence in the big picture. And that's why you must learn to read the godwinks...those remarkable little coincidences that happen to us all.
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  • Atria Books | 
  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743492942 | 
  • January 2007
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Chapter One: There IS a Perfect Fit for You

Let us embark on a wonderful journey of hope.

Through breathtaking stories of romance, incredible love stories that have united or reunited people just like you, I am hopeful that you'll see your own life in a fresh new light, filled with renewed hope that your perfect love is not nearly as distant as you thought.

Through the Six Key Words to Successful Relationships that unfold in the stories of others, I believe that you will clearly see that you are on a path to finding your soul mate. Your soul mate may be already near. Perhaps you are already in a relationship that has not yet... see more

There's no coincidence to coincidence

It's no coincidence you just opened this book.

It could be a godwink.

You see, every time a coincidence occurs, a prayer is answered, or something happens to make you say, "Wow! What are the odds of that happening?" you've received a godwink, a signpost along the path to your destiny -- a message of reassurance that you are never alone.

Why do I call it a godwink?

Remember when you were a kid sitting at the dining-room table and your mom, or dad, or grandma gave you a quiet communication -- a little wink?

What did that mean?

It... see more

About the Author

SQuire Rushnell
Photograph by Mary M. Studio

SQuire Rushnell

SQuire Rushnell, a former television president and CEO, was for twenty years an executive with the ABC Television Network. Father of such programs for young people as Schoolhouse Rock and the ABC Afterschool Specials, he also led Good Morning America to the #1 spot. Author of the word-of-mouth phenomenon When God Winks, SQuire lives in Martha’s Vineyard with his wife, Louise.




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