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When Lightning Strikes a Hummingbird

When Lightning Strikes a Hummingbird

The Awakening of a Healer

In nature, the hummingbird is the messenger of higher vibrations, who lives intensely, seeking life's nectar. In much the same way, Foster Perry bridges the spiritual and physical worlds, bringing us messages of healing, clarity, and upliftment. At an early age, he was recognized by those around him as having a natural gift for healing and sight. Then, after literally being struck by lightening, he was swept into a journey of initiation and rapid expansion of consciousness. When Lightning Strikes a Hummingbird is the story of his personal evolution. Foster has developed a healing style that is truly his own, which he calls “hummingbird medicine.” He sings to his clients' souls, sharing his passion for living to help them find their true Selves. As he says, “When the personality surrenders to the soul, then we are uniquely connected to the Self, which is God. We are here to make God conscious, to help god feel creation. We are creative stewards of a new Earth.” An extraordinary healer, Foster is respected by thousands of clients worldwide.
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  • Bear & Company | 
  • 228 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781879181106 | 
  • September 1993
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About the Author

Foster Perry

Foster Perry travels the world studying, teaching, and practicing the joy of self-healing. He works as a ceremonial leader, workshop facilitator, author, and recording artist. His Hummingbird Healing Technique is taught around the world.




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