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Wither's Legacy

Wither's Legacy

A Wendy Ward Novel

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She came to life on Halloween. She cast a wicked spell upon the residents of Windale, Massachusetts. And then she was destroyed...but Elizabeth Wither, the leader of an ill-fated coven of witches, still haunts the one human powerful enough to dispel her ancient curse: the supernaturally gifted Wendy Ward.
Hers was the name on the dying Wither's lips -- the time will come. And now that Windale's "little witch girl" is all grown up she, along with her friends Kayla, Abby, and Hannah, must face a demon like none the world's ever known -- an unseen evil that bides its time. A yellow-eyed, seven-foot beast whose blind allegiance to Wither fuels its hunger -- captive to the urge to find its special prey....
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  • Pocket Books | 
  • 496 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743499958 | 
  • October 2004
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Chapter One



A dusk red smudge in the western sky fades to a purplish bruise.

She is flying over Windale -- yet this is a Windale strange to her...smaller, divided by dirt roads with wagon-wheel ruts, as if she has flown into the town's past, more than a century gone. She banks to the left, swooping down across a tall field of corn, her night-adapted eyes attracted to movement.

A man in threadbare coveralls walks an unsteady line, pausing every few moments to take a swig from a jug. The whiskey dribbles down his chin. He wipes it away with the back of a sunburnt arm....
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