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The Wonder of Children

The Wonder of Children

Nurturing the Souls of Our Sons and Daughters

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With The Wonder of Girls and The Wonder of Boys, bestselling author Michael Gurian presented his groundbreaking views on parenting. Now, with the same breadth of vision and depth of commitment, he puts forth a practical design for better nurturing the souls of our sons and daughters.
The Wonder of Children offers Michael Gurian's scientifically argued steps toward better care of our children's souls. You'll learn how and why to:
• Increase bonding and attachment in the family and bring the extended family back into the raising of children.
• Control a child's media use and expand time spent in the natural world.
• Guard against damaging brain stressors that can trigger disorders such as depression and substance abuse.
• Examine the potential toxicity of a child's daily schedule.
• Increase the time children spend in spiritual process, understanding the mysteries of life, and experiencing joy and a sense of belonging.
A passionate and practical guide, The Wonder of Children puts forth a finely wrought argument for greater attention to the spiritual side of childhood.
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  • Atria Books | 
  • 272 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743417051 | 
  • February 2004
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Chaper One: The Science of the Soul: Proof of the Soul's Existence

The human has no body distinct from the soul.

-- William Blake

Heavy snow fell that morning in 1990 outside Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, Washington. From our ninth-story room, my wife, Gail, and I could see the buildings of downtown Spokane, and the houses, pine trees, streets, and then hills north of the city.

We had been placed in a corner room of the maternity wing. Just outside our door were nurses going about their business; other families gathering; children running, walking, and squealing, and parents reining them in. "Come on, son! This... see more

The greatest tragedy in human life is to live unaware of one's divine identity.

-- Reverend William Harper Houff

Blair is a small town about an hour from Omaha, set into the green fields, low hills, and open plains of eastern Nebraska. Most of the people who live in Blair also work there, as farmers, schoolteachers, or shopkeepers. A few commute to a larger city or neighboring town for employment or travel to visit family.

My children's great-grandmother, Laura, a woman of ninety-five, lives in Blair at a nursing home. She has accomplished much in her long life, including raising three children with her... see more

Reading Group Guide

The Wonder of Children
Michael Gurian

Questions and Topics for Discussion

1. In the opening chapter of The Wonder of Children, Michael Gurian reveals how the book grew from a conversation with his daughters during a visit to their dying ninety-six-year-old great-grandmother Laura. What do you think of eleven-year-old Gabrielle’s insight that the soul must be made of light? How does the author support this idea with discoveries from PET (positron-emission tomography) technologies, SPECT scans, MRIs, skin conductance tests, and other findings from neurobiology?

2. Do you think of science and religion as being in opposition to each other? Why or why not? How important do you think it is for science to confirm religious belief?

3. How persuaded are you by the scientific “proof” Michael Gurian presents for the existence of the soul? How have your own views of the soul changed, if at all, from reading The Wonder of Children?

4. How do you think our methods of childrearing would change if, as the author suggests, we stopped thinking of our children as “kids” and started thinking of them as souls? What does Michael Gurian mean when he boldly asserts “God is the child”? If we had positive scientific proof of children’s divine identity, how would that change what childhood means—not only to parents, but to human civilization?

5. One of the central ideas of < see more

About the Author

Michael Gurian
W. Garth Dowling/Scouting magazine, copyright Boy Scouts of America, 2013

Michael Gurian

Michael Gurian is a marriage and family counselor in private practice, and the New York Times bestselling author of twenty-seven books. Michael cofounded the Gurian Institute, a training and research organization, in 1996 and frequently speaks at and consults with corporations, physicians, hospitals, schools, and other professionals. He has been called “the people’s philosopher” for his ability to combine cutting-edge science with people’s everyday lives.




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