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The Woody

The Woody


Senator Woody White is being blackmailed by his wife, sued by his ex-wife, shaken down by a Vermont maple syrup kingpin, terrorized by his neo-fascist housekeeper, and dragged into litigation over a fender bender in the Senate parking garage. But when he is stricken with an ill-timed case of ED (Erectile Dysfunction), the desperate player faces his biggest campaign killer of all and goes to hilarious extremes to keep himself in the running. Peter Lefcourt holds a perfectly cracked mirror to the spin-filled world of Washington's sexual politics and asks a penetrating question: How hard does a politician have to be?
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  • Simon & Schuster | 
  • 368 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671038557 | 
  • October 1999
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Chapter One: Peru

"Call me, Ishmael."

He folded the cell phone and flipped it onto the bed, twenty feet away from the tepid Jacuzzi in which he lay after having had what could best be described as an inconclusive sexual encounter with a lobbyist for the condom industry.

The lobbyist, Evelyn Brandwynne, exited the bathroom naked, speaking on her cell phone in a businesslike and decidedly non-postcoital tone of voice to her Washington office.

"The funding is dead. It's terminal. There's a sheet over its head..."

He watched her move slowly toward the bed with a glass of yellowing white wine and a Kleenex in her... see more

About the Author

Peter Lefcourt
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Peter Lefcourt

Peter Lefcourt is the author of six previous novels: Eleven Karens, The Woody, Abbreviating Ernie, Di and I, The Dreyfus Affair and The Deal. He is also an award-winning writer for film and television.
He lives in Los Angeles.




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