Working Without a Net

Working Without a Net

In response to the fundamental changes sweeping corporate America, Morris Shechtman presents a cutting-edge management philosophy that challenges unrealistic, outdated approaches. Shechtman, a former university professor and psychotherapist, teaches the essential skills for adapting to a rapidly expanding corporate culture -- or any organization or situation where structure and vision are needed. No matter what your goals, here are the new rules of business that will help you generate success, including:
* Growth strategies that help you establish your independence from external forces and foster strength from within
* Powerful exercises that sharpen decision-making, relationship-building, risk-taking, and other critical abilities
* Steps for processing -- not denying -- the inevitable anger and disappointment that follow organizational change
* Six paradigms on professional attitudes, personal goals, and overall world views, and the interplay of personal values and leadership.

With invigorating insight and far-reaching perspective, Working Without A Net empowers you to face new challenges and circumstances with flexibility, confidence and self-sufficiency.
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 272 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671535810 | 
  • May 1995
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Chapter 1


Denial is crippling American business.

Companies can lose phenomenal sums of money for months and deny that anything is amiss, until losses are too large to be ignored. Then they swing the downsizing meat cleaver in a futile attempt to cut their losses. This has happened at General Motors, at most of the airlines, at IBM -- the list goes on and on. When asked why they didn't do anything about their mounting losses earlier, these companies respond, "We were waiting for it to turn around," or "We can't do much about it because we can't get the labor force... see more

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