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A World Turned Over

A World Turned Over

A Killer Tornado and the Lives It Changed Forever

At 4:33 P.M. on March 3, 1966, the skies above Jackson, Mississippi, turned an ominous yellow before going suddenly and violently black. A tornado of the F-5 category -- the most lethal -- struck without warning. It tore roofs off buildings, twisted metal, blew out windows, threw cars into the air, and killed fourteen people -- thirteen of them in a newly built shopping mall, the Candlestick Shopping Center. The fury and destruction ended in seconds, but in those moments the tornado had ripped through the heart of a community, changing lives forever.
In A World Turned Over, Lorian Hemingway returns to the Jackson she knew as a child and tells the story of the Candlestick Tornado, as it came to be known. Vividly re-creating the terrifying day of the tornado, she recounts the miracles and tragedies that also happened that day -- including the story of Donna Durr, who with her baby was lifted in her car seventy-five feet up into the vortex, and of eighteen-year-old Ronny Hannis, who survived to help rescue others, oblivious to the danger to his own life. Decades later, the devastation of that single day continues to reverberate and affect those left behind.
Lyrical and haunting, A World Turned Over is an unforgettable story of awesome destruction -- and a powerful testament to the extraordinary resilience, faith, and heroism of ordinary people visited by fate.
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  • 256 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743247672 | 
  • July 2003
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Chapter One

"People were massacred up real bad. It was like war. They was people that had been hit, and part of they head taken off, not all they head, just part. Bodies in every form of mutilation. They hands cut off. They legs cut off. Some of 'em cut half in two."

-- Karei McDonald, firefighter on the scene of the Candlestick Tornado

It was a wild place once, the Civil War battlefield at Vicksburg, so wild you could imagine that the dead here still spoke, that from beyond the long curtain of kudzu draped and twisted on the old trees, someone watched, the ancient sentry for the ghosts of all wars past. The entry to... see more

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