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World Without End

World Without End

The CIA is facing an unknown enemy. His genius: the ability to steal prototype weapons with unimaginable destructive powers, and leave no trace of their whereabouts. The weapons never appear on any black market. They're never used to wage a battle on US soil. And they're never sold to foreign agents. It's as if they simply vanish.
But a top-secret CIA operation is one step ahead of the game. They know the next target. A company in Texas has developed a military combat uniform that renders a soldier virtually invisible. Optical camouflage offers limitless possibilities --and no one knows that better than CIA operative Steve Conway. But as Conway and his team set the trap for the elusive thief, things go terribly wrong.
A hair-raising blend of mystery, manhunt and terror, World Without End is an electrifying, page-turning novel of suspense by an author destined to join the ranks of the masters.
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  • Gallery Books | 
  • 400 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439182604 | 
  • August 2009
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Chapter One

Conway woke with a start. He lay on his stomach, sweating, the white bed sheet tangled around him like a vine and sticking to his bare skin, his heart pumping with a frantic energy, as if it were mustering all of its strength to ward off a familiar and powerful enemy.

The window fan was on; cool air blew across his damp, fevered skin. Outside, the Texas sun had just started to rise, the stars still visible in the dark blue sky. Dull red and gold slivers of light glowed across the cream-colored bedroom walls of the condo. The clock on the nightstand read 4:30 a.m.

Going back to sleep was useless. He had to get up... see more

About the Author

Chris Mooney
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Chris Mooney

Chris Mooney is the critically acclaimed author of Deviant Ways,
World Without End, and Remembering Sarah, which was nominated for
the Barry Award and the Edgar Award for Best Novel. He lives in Boston with his
wife and son. For more information, visit




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