Wow The Dow!

Wow The Dow!

The Complete Guide To Teaching Your Kids How To Invest In The Stock Market


Whether you're a novice stockholder or a seasoned investor, you can teach the next generation of stockholders how to invest successfully. Creative, practical, and full of savvy financial advice, Wow the Dow! is a family-oriented guide to the workings of Wall Street that shows parents how to start investing in the stock market with their children and encourages kids to think intelligently about money.
Cofounders of Stock MarKids,™ the nationally affiliated parent-child investment club, Lynn Roney and Pat Smith explain the important aspects of the stock market and provide parents with easy-to-follow advice for introducing the exciting world of finance. Complete with games, exercises, and real-life profiles of successful child investors, Wow the Dow! covers:

  • The basic concepts behind investing
  • Teaching your children how to read stock quotes and understand business news
  • Building an appropriate portfolio with stocks your kids will pick
  • Creating strategies for making investing fun and profitable
  • Where to go online for stock games, investment sites, and financial resources
  • The advantages of joining an investment club

With its commitment to educating kids and encouraging them to find new and creative ways to invest, Wow the Dow! is a must-have handbook for every parent.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 288 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780684871493 | 
  • September 2000
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Chapter One: Raising Your Child's Interest Rate

When Danielle was a toddler, she loved to go to McDonald's to eat because French fries were her favorite food. Lynn liked McDonald's, too. Eating there together was a weekly outing. She was also a longtime shareholder.

One Friday afternoon Lynn told Danielle, "I'm glad you like McDonald's so much because I'm a part owner of this restaurant."

"You are, Nana?" Danielle's eyes widened. "I want to become a part owner, too!"

So, in October 1988, Lynn purchased her granddaughter's first share of McDonald's stock.

"I purchased the stock just as a fun thing for... see more

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