Yiddish for Babies

Yiddish for Babies

Oy vey, bubelleh,
The kinder are going to kvell over this book!

Whether your baby is a Shayna Maidel,

a Shmendrick,

or just plain Meshugga,

it's no bubbe meiseh...this book really is for everyone!
The farbisseners, the alter kockers, the pishers,
the nudnicks...even the goyim and the machatunim.

YIDDISH FOR BABIES is fun for the whole mishpocheh!
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  • Simon & Schuster | 
  • 80 pages | 
  • ISBN 9781439152829 | 
  • November 2009
List Price $12.99
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About the Author

Janet Perr

Janet Perr

Janet Perr is a Grammy Award-winning art director and graphic designer, responsible for the package designs of hundreds of CDs and book covers and the author of Yiddish for Dogs. She lives with her family in New York City.


Author Revealed

Q. how did you come to write Yiddish for Babies?

A. After writing Yiddish For Dogs and Hip-Hop for Dogs, I realized that cute babies illustrating common Yiddish words would be not only hilarious but also educational and adorable. Oy gevalt, this meshuggeh book has me kvelling!

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