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You Got Screwed!

You Got Screwed!

Why Wall Street Tanked and How You Can Prosper

You've been screwed.
You've been bludgeoned, skewered, crushed, mutilated by the stock market. Every day you read about another corporate scandal: loans to CEOs that didn't have to be repaid, accounting "irregularities," profits that never existed. You think the stock market must have been rigged. And you're right.
You were betrayed by the stock promotion machine -- the mutual fund managers, the brokers, analysts, strategists, and stock gurus who brainwashed you into buying and holding and believing that stocks, like parents, always come through and bail you out in the end.
So now what do you do? Where do you put your money? You can't just leave it in the bank or stuff it under the mattress.
For fourteen years Jim Cramer ran a hedge fund that compounded money at a rate of 24 percent annually after fees, and then he got out at the end of 2000. He knows that there are ways to make money, smart ways that don't require you to own stocks blindly. There are other investments that won't send you to the poorhouse.
This book will tell you what went wrong, who the bad guys were, and what you have to do to restore your financial health. You can't just close your eyes. Ignoring Wall Street isn't the answer. Cash alone isn't the answer. This book has the answers.
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  • November 2002
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Chapter One: What Happened?

"Stocks for the Long Run...Buy and Hold...Next stop, Dow 36,000...Stocks as the only asset class worth owning...Tech Blue Chips...Stocks always come back...Don't ever sell...Selling's for losers...Why not put Social Security into stocks, after all they are the safest investments..."

Ahh, that litany, that rock-solid litany of reassurance about equities. Is there a soul on the planet who didn't suffer from the multiple brainwashings that the media, the academics, the brokerage houses, and the mutual funds mercilessly beat into our heads for a decade? Amazingly, after trillions were lost, we still... see more

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James J. Cramer
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James J. Cramer

James J. Crameris host of CNBC’s Mad Money and cofounder of His many books include Confessions of a Street Addict, Jim Cramer’s Getting Back to Even, Jim Cramer’s Mad Money, Jim Cramer’s Real Money, Jim Cramer’s Stay Mad for Life.




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