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Your Child: Bully or Victim?

Your Child: Bully or Victim?

Understanding and Ending School Yard Tyranny

Advice for parents who want to recognize the forms abuse can take and learn to determine whether their child is being bullied—or is the bully him/herself.

What can you say to a daughter who comes home day after day complaining of being threatened or hit or worse? What if your son is clearly the victim of vicious teasing but doesn’t even want to talk about it? What should you do when you suspect your child may, in fact, be the bully? Your Child: Bully or Victim? offers hands-on help for parents to stop bullying before it begins.
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  • Touchstone | 
  • 240 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780743233101 | 
  • May 2010
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Eight-year-old Michael, new to the neighborhood, comes home from school each day with a new bruise or rip in his clothes. Ten-year-old Emily frequently goes without lunch because a group of her classmates keep trashing her lunch bag. Twelve-year-old Angela finds her name posted on the Internet in a list of "Fat Slobs of Northside Middle School." Fourteen-year-old Deborah, sexually assaulted at a party her parents don't know she attended, is considering suicide as a way to escape the gossips at school. Sixteen-year-old Henry, sick of the daily taunts of "faggot" from neighborhood kids, has... see more

About the Author

Peter Sheras

Peter Sheras, Ph.D., ABPP, is a clinical psychologist and professor in the Curry Programs in Clinical and School Psychology at the University of Virginia. He is associate director of the Virginia Youth Violence Project at the university and director of the local School Crisis Network. As an expert in school intervention and youth violence, he develops and evaluates intervention programs for schools, parents, and communities. He has been in private practice for twenty-five years.




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