Zolar's Magick of Color

Use the Power of Color to Transform Your Luck, Prosperity, or Romance

Zolar's Magick of Color

This engaging guide introduces readers to the rules of color magic and the natural influences of color that can be harnessed to bring about change and improvements in any area of life.

Color has a profound effect on our attitudes and emotions. We even us color in our everyday speech—we're green with envy, see red when we're angry, and are blue when we're lonely. Scientific studies have discovered how certain colors influence mood, how quickly patients recover from illness, or how well students learn. Zolar's Magick of Color reveals the secrets of color and explains how to use its energy to make positive changes—to get a new job, get a raise, or develop a new romance. Zolar details a variety of ways to access the transformative properties of color, including wearing clothes of a particular color, surrounding yourself with that color, or burning a colored candle in a ceremony. Zolar explains each color's unique properties and gifts.
  • Touchstone | 
  • 224 pages | 
  • ISBN 9780671768546 | 
  • January 1994

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Zolar is the author of Zolar’s Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge; Zolar’s Book of Dreams, Numbers and Lucky Days; Zolar’s Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Dreams; Zolar’s Starmates; and Zolar’s It’s All in the Stars. For more than half a century, the name Zolar has been synonymous with some of the finest books on astrology, dreams, and the occult ever written.